Installing a gas connection properly is very vital to your safety. Always remember to consider the following steps:

  • Ensure that your gas pipeline is well away from anything that can damage it. Also do not hang anything on the pipeline or close to it
  • Never conceal your gas line, gas meter, or regulator valves
  • Always make sure that you do not use a pipe that is longer than 1 meter to connect your gas stove / geyser
  • Always use prescribed and approved gas pipes
  • Never install electric / telephone wires / cables close to gas line
  • Never dig near or directly above the gas pipeline installed underground near your home
  • Do not bury the RCC guard installed near your home in case of construction or during roadwork
  • Never light fire near RCC guard
  • Never lay drainage pipes near your main gas pipe underground or above the ground
  • Always have proper plumbing installed for gas geysers
  • Always approach SGL team for any modifications that need to be made to your gas pipeline or equipment. NEVER do it on your own
  • The most important thing to remember is that never use domestic connection for commercial purpose. All such cases will have their connections terminated and legal action will be taken against wrong doers