Benefits of Natural Gas

Natural Gas is a colorless, odorless, non-hazardous and highly combustible mixture of 80-90% Methane gas, along with other hydrocarbons. Natural gas is lighter than air and mixes with the atmosphere very easily, making it even safer than other conventional fuel sources. Natural Gas, owing to its tremendous benefits, is reckoned as the fuel of the 21st century.

In India, the consumption of Natural Gas is increasing rapidly, with PNG replacing LPG in domestic, industrial and commercial sectors and CNG replacing fossil fuels in transportation.

Lighter than Air

Natural Gas is lighter than air. It mixes with the atmosphere, provided there is sufficient ventilation, and the mixture of both is also not flammable to a high degree. This makes Natural Gas, an ideal fuel for any use.

Convenient Fuel

Natural Gas does not require additional storage space for uses as it can be transported seamlessly to various sources via pipeline networks. This makes Natural Gas highly convenient and available 24x7 without the hassle of bookings or storage.


Highly Viable Energy Source

Natural gas is highly efficient. About 90 percent of the natural gas produced is delivered to customers as useful energy. In contrast, only about 30 percent of the energy converted to electricity in conventional generating facilities reaches consumers.


Natural Gas is a mixture of combustible elements, that almost instantly and completely burn, leaving behind, virtually zero residue and emissions. This makes Natural Gas, highly eco-friendly and green fuel in true sense.



Natural Gas does not produce any residue, as it burns up almost completely. It is also free from carbon, sulphur and other such particles that create corrosive deposits on various surfaces. This makes Natural gas not only cleaner, but also efficient in terms of enhancing the life of engines, application and machines that operate on Natural Gas.

Abundance of Supply

Natural Gas comprises 23 % of total energy mix of USA and Canada alone. Sources predict that the discovery of Natural Gas in these regions will ensure seamless supply for at least 100 years. Amalgamating this equation with the global scenario makes Natural Gas, the most available, and readily usable energy source in the world.



The cost of Natural Gas processing infrastructure, its supply network and ready availability make Natural Gas a highly affordable source of energy, from households to commercial establishments to industrial estates.